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You have arrived here because you want to sell more. At amperBrand we are specialists in enhancing the experience of your product or service so that you achieve your goal.

Our services

Our formula: the potential summatory

At amperBrand we are known for our strategic thinking and for integrating ourselves in an agile and efficient way with the system and work team of our clients.

We firmly believe that all opportunities have the potential to add up to enrich a more solid, coherent and, above all, more aligned with the needs and interests of users.

Do you still think that having a brand is having a logo?

We launch products and brands from scratch .
We land your value proposition in a design and message with impact.

Web and/or product design (Concept, prototyping and design)

Conception and design of the brand with the application brandbook and brand communication management

Creation of automation systems and customer acquisition

Ready to take your business to the next level?

Comprehensive development of marketing resources

Content creation to improve positioning and perception in digital channels

Configuration of tools and web improvement to capture more leads or customers

We amplify and reinforce the reach of your brand thanks to product marketing and design aligned with your message.

Our work

We like to work hand in hand with internal teams. Our focus is on B2B companies, startups and technology companies of all kinds.

The following are examples and actions we have taken with some of our clients:

Billing SaaS for SMEs and freelancers

  • Growth
  • Content
  • Design
  • UI
  • Product marketing

From 2020:

+ 1000 %

50,000 to 500,000 monthly unique users

+ 30

conversion landing pages developed and launched

+ 500 %

increase in organic leads

The challenge

Billin faces the great challenge of being the billing program of reference for small businesses in Spain.

In such a competitive market, Billin’s goal is to position itself as the simplest and most complete solution for its customers to save as much time on their billing and to collect their bills sooner.

With Billin we have the clear example that the apparently simplest solution is the one that works best.

Our focus

The initial focus was to balance user acquisition, stop relying so heavily on paid channels, and invest in a more long-term SEO strategy.

Together with Billin’s in-house marketing team, we managed to go from a 3:1 Paid to Organic Leads ratio to nearly equal acquisition across the two channels.

In the last year, we have also managed to launch a large number of tools and MVPs of possible tools that have allowed us to increase organic capture x2.

Automated internet content removal platform

  • Growth
  • Content
  • Branding
  • Design
  • UI
  • Product marketing

In 2021:

0 to 10,000

monthly unique users


web development and deployment

+ 100

evergreen content posts

The challenge

RepScan was born from the idea of the entrepreneur Josep Coll, founder of RedPoints, the number 1 company in the world for counterfeit removal and brand protection.

In this new adventure with RepScan, the objective is capital: to democratize that everyone has control over what is published on the Internet and to be able to eliminate content to control their own image.

An exciting journey with which to navigate new challenges helping companies and people.

Our focus

With RepScan we work from scratch, from a conceptualization of the brand design to the web deployment and the first sales.

We focused on working on content from the beginning, which has allowed RepScan to have a stable and increasing visibility since its launch.

Still in a period of market-fit and growth, we continue to work with the internal team to get more clients and increase profits, which is a major challenge for a StartUp.

Native digital renting and motosharing company

  • Branding
  • Design
  • UI

From 0:

Brand book



for websites, apps and appstores


UX and UI

The challenge

Efficient and sustainable mobility is one of the most important challenges facing society today.

From Soluty Free Mobility they seek to provide solutions through a fresh and native digital brand, capable of adapting to be present in the more traditional renting market and in the electric motorsharing market for interurban mobility.

Our focus

We started from a very competitive market niche, in which the differentiation and loyalty of the service falls, almost entirely, on the identity and communication of the brand. For this reason, we were inspired by the business idea to create a proposal that reflected its values of innovation and environmental commitment, its digital vocation and its close character with customers.

We design the entire visual ecosystem, including the initial graphic resources for the web, social networks and Apps stores.

We have also collaborated with:

The team

Alex Rodriguez

SEO & Growth Strategist

You already know that trying to sell at any price will not make you earn more
What could you lose by trying the alternative of being a big brand?

Daniel Vilas

Visual design & UX director

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Something characteristic of people who create a business is that they have a more open mindset. That is why we bet that you are a bit like us and are willing to try things that can help you grow and differentiate yourself from your competition.